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Status: Published

Terrorism and human rights (2008)



TerrorismHave human rights organisations responded adequately to the threat of international terrorism and official responses to that threat? This report reaffirms that the core mission of human rights advocates is to make sure that governments respect human rights and the rule of law. But fresh thinking is also needed. Human rights organisations should participate in efforts to agree a sound definition of terrorism in international law. A victim-centred approach might enable them to apply human rights to a wider range of issues, making their advocacy more relevant to those who suffer because of terrorist violence. The report discusses how advocates might develop principled but also more understandable positions when they talk about terrorism to officials and the public or those who sympathise with it.

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“A thoughtful and considered piece of work.” Eric Metcalfe, Human Rights Policy Director, JUSTICE

“The work is clearly a valuable contribution to the intellectual/conceptual side of the discourse
on human rights which has faced new challenges especially since 2001.” Devendra Raj Panday, Member of the International Board of Directors, Transparency International