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Status: Published

National human rights institutions: effectiveness and legitimacy (1st ed. 2000; 2nd ed. 2004)



Performance and LegitimacyThis report examines the degree to which national human rights institutions are successful in carrying out their mandate to promote human rights and protect the rights of citizens. The study assesses how national human rights institutions acquire legitimacy and a reputation for effectiveness. Based on research in three countries, it includes practical recommendations for strengthening their work, and their creation.

Research team




“A welcome addition to the study of national institutions . . . the best piece I have read on the subject.” Kieren Fitzpatrick, Director, Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions

“The report is admirably clear and makes many valuable observations as well as providing much information which has not been readily available before. It will be an extremely useful contribution to the debate on national human rights institutions and one hopes to their development.” Sarah Spencer, Director, Citizenship and Governance Programme, Institute for Public Policy Research, London